Empowering Digital Freedom

Talk Text Send Share Incorporated creates software solutions to emancipate everyone from the ‘Information Plantations’ of Big Tech, where all aspects of our digital life are captured, harvested and sold at market to the highest bidder.

We use the revolutionary benefits of blockchain technology to empower digital freedom, privacy, security and economic equity for everyone, everywhere.

Innovate: The MiTTSS App

Talk Text Send Share in partnership with Crypviser GmbH has created an innovative blockchain messaging, commerce and social media app with military-intelligence-grade encryption that assures the privacy and security of all digital communication, content and data on our network.


Talk Text Send Share + Crypviser

In development since 2016, our app’s beta version has launched as “Crypviser Secure Messenger.” Crypviser is a fee-based full-function communication app that utilizes a proprietary, end-to-end military-intelligence-grade encryption protocol to secure all digital communication and content on our decentralized blockchain network.

A free, no-fee version of our app with enhanced commerce, videoconferencing and social media features will soon launch as Talk Text Send Share / MiTTSS.

Crypviser GmbH CEO Vadim Andryan and
Talk Text Send Share Founder Mark Saint Juste


Intellectual property developer and multi-industry entrepreneur Mark Saint Juste was inspired to create MiTTSS as a free, all-inclusive communication, commerce and social media app based on the fundamental belief that people should not have to pay for their digital freedom, privacy and security.

The inspiration began in September 2016, when Mark and his business partner Joseph Paolella, a retired United States Secret Service Officer and undercover agent, discussed the need to develop an ultra-secure, tamper-proof platform for private and classified communication. The conversation initiated a search for the world’s best cybersecurity experts, which culminated in Mark’s partnership with MiTTSS chief architect and Crypviser GmbH CEO, Vadim Andryan.


The Talk Text Send Share mission is to create, develop and distribute software solutions that empower digital freedom, privacy, security and economic equity for everyone, everywhere.

We pledge that:

  • We do not and will not collect the personal data, whereabouts or other information of our Community Members to sell to other companies.
  • All Talk Text Send Share Community Members will always be in full control of any information they choose to share on our platform.


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